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Are alcoholic drinks expensive onboard?

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Posted: 08/24/08 - 08:24    Post subject:

I have booked a cabin on Carnival Destiny and my friends and I planned on having some fun cruise but we just found out that we are not allowed to bring in the alcoholic drinks and I am not willing smuggling it in. so are alcoholic drinks expensive on board and would also appreciate much any info about its approximate price.
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Posted: 09/09/08 - 00:18    Post subject:

Well I am sorry to disappoint you but the fact is that the alcoholic drinks are really expensive on board and I dont think you could get soda even for less than 3 $ and beer is the most cheapest drink of all alcoholic drinks and there is also some tip rule so upon each delivery you are about to give the tip of around 1 $. But if you like drinking wine you are allowed bringing some small amount on board.
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