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Are Alaska travel TV shows any useful for planning a trip?

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Posted: 08/31/08 - 04:34    Post subject:

Hello, Ive got a great passion for traveling. Though I have never traveled to far away places I would love to go to Alaska. The thing is, I dont like to go to a place not knowing what to expect there, Therefore Ive started watching all these TV shows about travel. Just recently Ive seen a show about Alaska travel. As I was watching the show I already started planning my trip. I want to know are those TV shows any useful?
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Posted: 09/29/08 - 22:59    Post subject:

Hello, thats a good question! From my point of view its all a matter of luck. It all depends on what kind of travel do you prefer. If you are the sort of people who like luxury travel, with every detail of your trip perfectly planned out and reservations at the best hotels thats one thing. On the other hand theres the sort of people who prefer a bit of adventure while traveling and making decisions as they go. Usually they make TV shows that cover the interests of just one of the sorts of people. So, for example, just the sort of people who like to travel luxuriously can relate to a specific TV show. For them the show will be the ultimate trip planner but for the rest of us it will be a boring show about how rich people spend their vacations. I think that with Alaska its a slightly different issue. Alaska is a travel destination for people who like to experience the places they go to fully and on their own terms. So I believe that the TV shows about Alaska travel can be a useful trip planner.
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