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Apartments or Pensions in Prague and Krakow

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Joined: 12 Jun 2006
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Posted: 06/23/08 - 08:11    Post subject:

Hello, good people. My crew and I are planning to go to Prague and Krakow. We are still students, so we cant afford some expensive hotel. Instead, we are considering of hiring some apartment or take rooms in pensions. I would like to read some reviews of your staying in this kind of accommodation. Im sick of reading reviews of 5 star hotels. If someone wants to join us, we can make a contact.
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Joined: 18 Nov 2006
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Posted: 07/03/08 - 03:54    Post subject:

Well, I was with my friends last year in Prague. We rented apartment in Residence Belhedraska 35. I cant remember the number of the apartment. We had three bedrooms, kitchen and dining room which was huge and we used it also as a living room. We had television and even internet connection. We had two separate bathrooms with a washing machine. The Residence is near Wenceslas Square which is one of the most popular squares in Prague. The breakfast was not included, so we ate outside. It cost us $130 per night and I think it isnt expensive. Unfortunately, we didnt visit Krakow, so I cant tell you anything about their apartments.
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Thur Henrik

Joined: 07 Jul 2008
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Posted: 07/07/08 - 09:10    Post subject: Visiting Prague

Hi people!!

I was with friends in Prague during winter and had a great time! I´d recommend to book hotel or apartment on the website It´s easy way how to find a good hotel. I have good experience. You can book with special discount now. Just visit Prague Hotels

To Hiller: I was staying also in the apartment: I was totaly amazed by it's location, equipment and also the price

greetings from Norway
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