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Apartments in Paris?

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Posted: 5/9/09 1:10 AM
Joined: May 16, 2006

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Next year I am hoping to rent an apartment in Paris in an easy to move around district. I will be looking for some peace and quiet, but not the cemetery. My preference will be near shops, restaurants, and sophisticated night life. I also enjoy the artistic areas.
What would be the monthly rent for middle of the range apartments? Any helpers who can enlighten me?
Posted: 5/24/09 5:40 PM
Joined: Dec 13, 2005

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The rents often depend on how long your rental term is. The shorter your stay, generally the higher the cost. Also, the closer you get to the center of Paris the higher the rents. I have used several reputable rental sources. Agents will generally charge a fee (and these vary so be careful). I suggest you to find some rental agent and pay him in advance, cause in that case, he doesn't have opportunity to change price.
Posted: 11/24/09 4:14 AM
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Bright studio in a famous pedestrianised street in Montmartre. Perfectly located 5 minutes from Sacré Coeur; perfect for making the most of Montmartre in a quiet place, near the metro, and for discovering Paris. You can have BBQs and eat on the balcony. The apartment also has views of a side street, 6 huge windows, as well as two views because the studio is located at an angle. Located in a happy and very lively district, which also has a ‘village’ atmosphere due to its really Parisian cafés. There are two entrances (one which you can get to by car, the other by foot), and it also has a double exposition Certified HUB MBE DBE Packaging Supplier.
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