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Apartments in Amsterdam for week in November

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Posted: 07/18/08 - 04:16    Post subject:

I am fond of traveling. Ive saved some money and want to spend it on journeys. My first destination will be Amsterdam. After reading the Diary of Anne Frank, I became very interested in Netherlands. I saw some pictures of the city and it reminded me of Venice because of a large number of canals. I plan to stay in Amsterdam for a week. Can you recommend me some cheap apartments there?
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Posted: 07/28/08 - 01:54    Post subject:

One of the cheapest hotels in Amsterdam is a 3-star hotel AC Amsterdam. I stayed in AC Amsterdam 2 months ago when I was visiting my best friend who lives in Rotterdam which is an hour drive from Amsterdam. The hotel was very cheap, so I decided not to waste time driving to and from Rotterdam. Each room has a bathroom and a mini-bar. If you cant afford a hotel, I suggest you to take an apartment in a private villa which is cheaper, but not less comfortable than a hotel room. I saw some villas with swimming pools in Amsterdam. They looked very nice. Next time I visit Amsterdam, I seriously consider taking a villa apartment.
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