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Anyone used TUIFLY services?

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Posted: 08/05/08 - 08:13    Post subject:

Hello! Did anyone use tuifly services? Where can I do the booking? How far in advance can I make a booking? Do I get a booking conformation on booking my flight? All these and similar things will be useful for me. I intend on flying to Italy and Rome will be my destination, so if anyone used their services it will be a nice thing to share his experience with me.
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Posted: 08/23/08 - 02:08    Post subject:

Hi, I used their services and I am pretty satisfied with their way of work. If you wish to do a booking or have any kind of questions about changing the flight you had already booked you can call their call centre. It is open from Monday to Friday from 7:30 till 22:30h, Saturday to Sunday from 10.00 to 19.00 Central European time. For new bookings made by Tuifly service center they charge a booking fee per person, 7.50 euros per flight . After you do the booking you will receive a booking conformation with your booking number, by mail, fax or verbally. Have a nice trip in Italy and enjoy your trip.
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