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Anyone used Amalfi Coast Tours services?

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Posted: 01/25/09 - 08:44    Post subject:

Hello there! Group of my friends and I,around ten of us,are going to Rome in two weeks . For the most of us,this will be the first time that we are going to visit Italy and we are very excited by whole that travel. We would also like to see some other beautiful places in Italy. I heard for Amalfi Coast Tours and their services,is there anyone who used it yet?
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Posted: 02/23/09 - 22:28    Post subject:

Hello travelers! Oh,I really envy you for your trip and I also remember how I was excited before my first trip to Italy! And,after that first trip I was coming back to Rome several times and really hope that very soon I will visit it again!!!All roads are going to Rome,that sentence is so true! Im so glad that you ask for Amalfi Coast Tours services,because I know from my own experience,that its the best way to explore Italy. I was in one small group who took three days round tour from Rome to Pompei,Naples,AnaCapri,Capri and Sorrento. It was very good organized and I can really suggest to anyone to use their services. I also think there is a possibility to arrange your tour as you like it,to decide where you want to go and how long to stay in that place. Enjoy in your time there!
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