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Anyone heard for Cuzco Hostal?

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Posted: 08/29/07 - 10:19    Post subject:

I am hitting toward Cuzco along with my comrades from faculty –we are potential archeologists and we are suppose to spent practically whole the summer there beginning from the June so I am curious if there is anyone heard for Cuzco Hostal? I am also curious to hear what the hygienic conditions are there and what is the transport alike there for it is not like we would be staying only at Cuzco? Thanks!
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Posted: 09/25/07 - 03:16    Post subject:

I have spent a beautiful two weeks in Cuzco and actually my friend and I were situated in San Blas hostal located in the center of an artistic street of the San Blas suburb alike of Cuzco. Anyway the hostal looks like e home and I felt like being at home-there is always a hot water with persistent good pressure despite the fact that before reaching the destination I heard some stories of water lack for the city is at almost 3000m above the sea level. Anyway I had a great time there and was drinking a coffee and having a breakfast each morning in such pleasant atmosphere I would never forget. The stuff is excellent and willing to help with everything , my friend got seek for two days and they were taking such care for him bringing him meals in the room right to the bad. Go there you won’t mistake and though it is not possible making an internet reservation I don’t think you would be having any trouble finding a room.
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