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Anyone from Mauritius here?

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Posted: 08/15/07 - 10:19    Post subject:

It is been for years now I am planning on visiting Mauritius and this year I am going to go there but first would like to hear some info so –anyone from Mauritius here? The thing is that I am not sure where to go –south or north and what is the transport infrastructure there and I would like to know if there is anyone from Mauritius here to give me some details regarding vacation on Mauritius. Thanks!
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Posted: 09/21/07 - 22:00    Post subject:

Hi! I am not exactly from Mauritius, I am actually from South Africa but it is been almost 6 months now I live in Mauritius with my family actually my dad is an architect engaged in projecting a hotel in Grand Bay near the Cuvette beach which has recently been renovated and if you ask me this is a real earth paradise and I thanks to a god every day for arranging me live here at least permanently. Anyway Grand Bay is on the north of Mauritius but whatever corner of this island you decide to visit you won’t regret –you should see those beaches but watch out there are some poisoned fish sorts that are not about even to be touched. I bet there are no beaches like this on earth sometimes I think I am dreaming from strong colors here. And as for the air connections I think that airport at Port Louis has all the important air directions and from here you could direct to wherever point you want for the transport services are much developed especially toward the north of Mauritius anyway I suggest you stay at Grand Bay for there are also much of restaurants and disco bars for those who appreciate night life-in general I have a great time here and am already desperate I should leave this island pretty soon for I need to keep on with my study in few months.
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