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Anyone been in Vietnam?

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Posted: 08/18/08 - 04:21    Post subject:

My friends and I came upon the idea to go to Vietnam. We dont know much about that country, but from what we have seen so far it looks nice and worth visiting. Has any of you been there and whats your impression. Is it really worth visiting or should we choose some other country? What are your comments? Thanks in advance.
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Posted: 09/17/08 - 03:51    Post subject:

Vietnam is a nice place to visit. I have been there twice and I like it. They have very nice white sand beaches. People are very friendly. The night life is great. There are cozy country inns. Food is very good and healthy. They eat a lot of vegetables. Everything is cheap there. For example, a hotel room is ten dollars. Drinks are also cheap. Beer is 15 cents a glass. The only thing that I didnt like there is the way they drive. It can be a bit scary to watch them driving. You cant see a traffic light anywhere. Everything else is good. I think youll like it there.
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