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family vacation to Taiwan

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Posted: 08/18/08 - 05:41    Post subject:

had a possibility to see Taiwan and it s capital Taipei during my business visit to that country, but now I would like to go there with my family and to share with them the nice impresssions I had during my visit. Im very attracted to the mixture of the ancient Chinese culture and a fusion of modern Chinese and Western cultures that are present there. So, any suggestions about hotels to choose and places to visit?
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Posted: 09/17/08 - 03:31    Post subject:

The best family hotels with lots of attractions for children in Taipei are Eastern Plaza Hotel, Les Suites Taipei Ching Cheng, Les Suites Taipei De-An and Grand Hotel Taipei. I was in the second one with my family and I had a very good experience. Some of the places you should visit are: National Palace Museum which has an extraordinary collection of historic art treasures that has escaped destruction over hundreds of years. Some peaces are from the tenth century. Then, you should visit Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall where 62 acres of gardens and walkways surround this marble building. Yangmin Mountain is a National park with hot springs and geysers and lots of historic walking areas and it is interesting for its wildlife.
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