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Any tips for the Atlantica before I sett off?

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Posted: 05/19/08 - 07:06    Post subject:

I had about 7 cruising trips so far and it was usually some Caribbean cruising or some cruise involving Hawaii and it is just that this year I would be cruising northern Europe with Costa Atlantica. Anyway I had my first cruise with Costa cruise line last summer and I was cruising Mediterranean with Costa Mediterranea and I just wanted to hear now any tips for the Atlantica before I set off? Thanks!
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Posted: 06/01/08 - 03:12    Post subject:

Well the only difference you would get cruising with Costa Atlantica is related to the ships size for the Costa Atlantica is much smaller but the cruise quality is about the same though I think I have heard the entertainment program differs a bit. I suppose you had some toga party n the ship last summer and I dont think you would have any on the Atlantica. And as for the food it is perfect like you might already know it so also this year you would choose between all those Italian meals. And the cabins are pretty much the same and I guess you already know you better choose those outside ones for they have its own private balcony with a perfect Ocean view.
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