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Any nice beaches in Khobar?

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Posted: 9/10/08 12:44 AM
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Are there any nice beaches in Khobar? The truth is that I do not know a lot about this destination, and when my boyfriend came the other day and said that he booked us a week stay in one of the best hotels there, I could not believe it. I know that it is a coastal destination, but what are the beaches there?
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Posted: 9/18/08 10:45 PM
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Unfortunately, I have never visited Saudi Arabia so far, but on the other side, Khobar is not at all unknown destination to me. I know quite a lot about it, and as for the beaches, I assure you it has some very nice beaches, so you will be able to enjoy even outside the hotel.
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Posted: 9/27/08 8:47 PM
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Well, it is not exactly one of the destinations which are well known by the most beautiful beaches, but one thing is sure, there are some nice beaches there. so, in case it was your only preoccupation, now you know that there is no need for you to worry about it anymore.
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Posted: 6/11/10 5:53 AM
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Al Khobar is a major tourism place in Saudi Arabia. Peoples find this colorful city very close to the nature and come here to relax and enjoy. Beaches are its main attractions like Half Moon Bay, Sunset Beach and Al-Azizia beach which are 5km far from the city center.

Moreover, you can also visit the King Fahad Coastal Town where you can play basketball, handball, tennis, squash, volleyball and also an arena for wrestling training and competition.
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