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Any interesting museums in Bamako?

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Posted: 06/16/08 - 08:09    Post subject:

Hello friends. I am going to Bamako. I have never been there before. And that is why I want to go there. I don’t know one single person that was there. And that is a little bit a problem. I am trying to make the plan of my activities. But I don’t know what is there to see. Are there Any interesting museums in Bamako?
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Posted: 07/03/08 - 21:50    Post subject:

There are really nice two museums in Bamako. One is National Museum of Mali and the other is Muso Kunda. The other museums are very nice and there are many artefact in the, I mean, you will have to reserve the whole day for each of them. Muso Kunda was founded by president wife. And tat is the only museum that is dedicated to the Mali’s women. So I definitely suggest you to visit this place. There are some really fantastic arts and crafts there. The time passes very fast in these museums, trust me. I was really fascinated with them.
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