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Any info/experience on Budget Car Rentals atTampa?

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Posted: 05/25/08 - 08:27    Post subject:

Soon I will have my first vacation in Florida, to be precise in Tampa. I am staying in Clearwater Comfort Inn North, and I am willing to explore this part of Florida as much as I can achieve with driving around. It's a fact, that this trip costs me a lot so I would like to get info about Budget Car Rentals in Tampa. Hows your experience with their service?
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Posted: 06/09/08 - 00:04    Post subject:

Ah they can be tricky ones; I guess just as many other rentals. I heard from one friend of mine that he didnt get the fuel tank filled to the top, so he had trouble after finding a gas station. The best trick no one explains you when you are about to make a deal with Budget Car Rentals that this is a possibility waiting to happen, but be certain that they will charge you as it was full. On the other hand they are strict and well defined with rules that include their side not to get in any money lost situation. They want full tank on return and if it isnt will make you pay 6 to 8 bucks per gallon. If you go on any site to book your vehicle from the Budget firm, everything will look just peachy; choose model, destination for your arrival and where you want to pick it up, etc and at the end if the only mistake they made is providing you the wrong type/model, consider yourself as a lucky man/woman.
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