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Any good hostels in Ushuaia?

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Joined: 09 Feb 2005
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Posted: 07/08/07 - 05:03    Post subject:

I would be reaching Stanley at Faukland Isalnds within a month and from there am suppose to go to Tierra del Fuego precisely I am about to spent a whole month in Ushuaia and that is why I am curious in getting some info regarding any good hostels in Ushuaia but that wouldn't be too much expensive for I will be staying there pretty much long period of time. Thanks!
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Joined: 25 Jun 2004
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Posted: 07/14/07 - 22:14    Post subject:

I don't think there are expensive hostels in Ushuaia at all since it is on the end of the world. Anyway my dad traveled to Ushuaia few times and he always stayed at El Refugio del Mochilero hostel situated in the main street of Ushuaia and I know he loves going there and is already very welcomed guest there. I guess you will be satisfied with the price –the last time my dad was there and it was about a year ago the hostels price was about 20 pesos per night I think it is about 7 $ not more. Anyway the hostel is very clean which is most important and according my dad's stories the stuff is very kind and would help you with everything you need.
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