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Any gay bars for a specific audience in Budapest?

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Joined: 24 Jan 2005
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Posted: 02/12/08 - 10:51    Post subject:

Hello there! I am going to Budapest in Hungary this summer together with my boyfriend. We are gays and will participate in Mr Gay Europe competition. We plan to spend there more then 2 weeks and plan to make sightseeing. Is there someone who can tell us about gay bars in Budapest? Thank you in advance!
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Joined: 05 Aug 2005
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Posted: 03/13/08 - 02:45    Post subject:

I was in Budapest last year and discovered many nice places that are made for specific audience. I am also gay and can tell Budapest offers many places to that population. I suggest you to visit Action Bar in Magyar utca (utca=street), Arkadia gay Bar in Turr Istvan utca and Harborlo Bisztro in Szep utca.

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