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Any experience with SkySaver award?

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Posted: 05/15/08 - 09:27    Post subject:

Do you have any experience with SkySaver award? My friend, just a week before the travel, confirmed a SkySaver business elite reservation, and he was waitlisted for that business elite seat. I wonder if you have tom make that reservation as soon as you can, or you could comfortably wait to do that couple for days before the flight. I mean, what are possibilities for unpleasant surprise?
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Joined: 21 Sep 2007
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Posted: 05/19/08 - 01:08    Post subject:

As far as I know, you cant standby for the upgrade with just a paid ticket, with or without miles and/or other upgrades. You can standby for the seat just with your miles, if you confirmed that in coach. As for airline policy, most of them, do not allow standby, if it was not confirmed in Economy. Standby for upgrade is allowed under several conditions, of which I remembered one that says that SkyMiles upgrade certificates cannot standby.
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