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Any comfortable cheap hotels in Salzburg?

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Joined: 20 Aug 2004
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Posted: 01/16/08 - 08:59    Post subject:

I plan to travel to Salzburg and be there at the time of my birthday. Every year I travel with my friend to some destination for my or his birthday. We never celebrate it at home, with our friends. Our friends have been angry with us for years although I always invite them to a small party after I come back from a trip. However, this year, my budget is rather limited and I need a hotel in Salzburg. Any comfortable cheap hotels in Salzburg?
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Joined: 17 Dec 2004
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Posted: 02/29/08 - 02:53    Post subject:

Well, there are plenty of cheap hotels in Salzburg where you can stay at during your visit. After all, it is much more important to see Salzburg and its attractions than to stay at a luxury room in which you’ll spend your nights only. Don’t think that I am soothing you because the hotels I’ll recommend are bad; on the contrary – they are quite decent. I stayed at one of them. You can search for Adlerhof, Amadeus Hotel or Hotel Lasserhof. I stayed at Adlerhof and had no complaints. It is a hotel that’s been working successfully for 30 years. It provides a basic apartment, which is, at the same time, very cozy. The rooms are clean. The location is very good and the station of an airport train is only 2 minutes’ walk.
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