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Any Irish pubs in Calgary?

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Posted: 07/26/08 - 09:05    Post subject:

my girlfriend and I have been planning to take a trip to Canada in a couple of months and we would like to stay in Calgary. Does anyone know if there is any Irish pub in Calgary? Can anyone give me some help on this? Thanks a lot in advance! bye
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Posted: 08/01/08 - 01:02    Post subject:

I have visited Calgary a couple of year ago with my girlfriend and we were discovering the best clubs and pubs in the city at the time. There were several Irish pubs back then and they were just great. We were spending every evening in The Joyce, which is the best in the city. Have a nice stay!
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Posted: 08/09/08 - 22:20    Post subject: Irish Pubs in Calgary

Hi There,

I live in Calgary and have lived in Ireland so have seen both sides of the pond. I belong/hang out with a fair sized Irish community over here. In Calgary you will have two types of Irish Pubs, those that are "kit" pubs with an Irish name, but not Irish at all really and those that don't necessarily have an Irish name but have more of an Irish Pub feel to them

Ones to avoid not much Irish craic in them: Kilkenny's, Tipperary's, Donegals, James Joyce, Limericks.

Ones not to avoid and you may find actual Irish people in them: The Kensington Pub, The Unicorn, The Rose and Crown, and the newly named Sam Maguires (formerly Father Murphys's) owned and run by Irishmen it is just undergoing the name change so you might have to ask for it under the old name. If you get off at the Heritage C-Train station you will not be far from it. It's a non political bar so everyone welcome. The Gaelic Football crowd the Calgary Chieftains hang out at both Sam Maquires and The Rose and Crown.

Enjoy! Slainte!
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