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Anchorage Airport Accommodation

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Posted: 07/29/08 - 05:49    Post subject:

Im traveling to Alaska on business. However, I have to find some airport accommodation since I cannot stay in Anchorage for more than 2 days. My boss will give me a call when he leaves for New York to book an afternoon flight immediately for that day. The problem is that neither he nor I know when he is supposed to leave for New York because it depends on the third party. Are there any Airport hotels in Anchorage?
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Posted: 08/10/08 - 21:03    Post subject:

The nearest airport hotel in Anchorage is Courtyard Anchorage. Well, this may seem spooky but the interior of the hotel is so luxury that it reminds me of the Titanic. The rooms are furnished with a style. There are expensive armchairs, thick woolen carpets and plushy curtains. There is a covered swimming pool, with the option of heating the pool water and many other facilities. There is also an automatic laundry in case you need to have some clothes washed. If youd like a glass of Scotch with ice, there is a self-serving ice machine. The feeling that you are at just 15 minute drive from the airport will make your stay even more comfortable.
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