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American Casino Gala Hotel Resistencia, go there

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Joined: 30 Jun 2004
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Posted: 03/28/08 - 05:28    Post subject:

Have you been to Resistencia? I have just returned from the trip and I am fascinated with the hotel I stayed at. It is American Casino Gala Hotel Resistencia. Go there in case you visit Resistencia. It is certainly the best hotel I’ve been to. Resistencia is not rich with attractions, but has very good hotels and restaurants as well as the nightlife.
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Joined: 03 Jul 2004
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Posted: 04/09/08 - 03:32    Post subject:

I was in Resistencia some time ago and I also noticed that it is not touristically attractive at all. However, the purpose of my visit was not tourism, so I was not disappointed. Resistencia is a commercial center and I was traveling for business. I also stayed at American Casino Gala Hotel Resistencia and would gladly recommend it to everyone. It is not only the best hotel in Resistencia, but also the most interesting place I saw. It is a luxury hotel with nice comfortable rooms. It is not in the narrowest center of the city, but since Resistencia is not a large city, the location of the hotel is not a problem.
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