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Am I allowed on Emirates?

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Posted: 05/24/08 - 07:17    Post subject:

Hi. Im a student. I dont like politics very much, and I dont understand it very well. I know that there are many problems in United Arab Emirates. Why is that, I dont know, but I would like people to stop fighting, and quarreling. But I think that TV often don't show real situation in Emirates. I would like to go with my girlfriend to see Dubai for the summer. So my question is: Do you think Im allowed on emirates?
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Posted: 06/10/08 - 02:40    Post subject:

Well, that is serious question. But I understand why you want to see Dubai, and the place is so beautiful. It will something new and interesting for you and your girlfriend. You are young so everything youll se you will cherish for the rest of your life. Im Jewish, and when I had to go to the Emirates I asked my self the same question: Am I allowed on emirates? I know that politic is stupid, but it is very important, especially in Emirates. But dont worry, I didnt have any problems on my trip in Emirates. They only asked me couple of question, but nothing rough. I didnt fill unsafe there. My friend told me only to check stamps in my passport, because old Israel stamps are not in use anymore. So pack your bags in the summer and dont worry. You are tourist, so they will be nice to you.
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