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Alpina Hotel in Phuket

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Posted: 08/06/08 - 10:04    Post subject:

I have been planning to go on a holiday this summer. It seems to me that it is a good idea to go to Phuket. It seems like a real good and attractive choice. However, as I have never been there before, I would like to hear some suggestions about whether staying in Alpina Hotel is a good idea. Thanks in advance.
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Posted: 09/02/08 - 22:30    Post subject:

I agree that Phuket is one very interesting choice for you and certainly a good place for a holiday. There are many good hotels and Alpina is certainly one of them. It has a good location and almost everything you need is near it. Rooms are very nice and comfortable, and services are excellent. Staff always tries to please you as much as possible, so you will virtually never feel dissatisfied with them, or with hotel for that matter. It is close to the one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand, too. It is not too cheap, but it is not the most expensive one out there. That said, if you are fine with the price, I suggest you get a room there, as there is no reason why you should not enjoy in your stay there.
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