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Alitalia's Magnifica Class review

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Joined: 21 Jul 2006
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Posted: 05/31/08 - 07:31    Post subject:

Hello. I'm from London and need to travel to Rome. I've heard about Alitalia as Italy's bigger flight company, but I have never flown by their planes. I wonder if anyone has flown by them and would like to hear some impressions. No matter if they are good or bad, just be honest, please.
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Joined: 20 Apr 2006
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Posted: 06/22/08 - 23:15    Post subject:

Well, I've flown recently with their Magnifica Class. The food is excellent, both in quality and quantity, but I think the ticket prices are overrated. The seats aren't much comfortable as they should be for that price. It's interesting that if you try to enquire by phone, each time you call, the price rate goes up. My flight was delayed at least for one hour. I couldn't find any newspaper in the plane, except those from Mexico. By the way, I don't speak a word of Spanish. I hear that 51 of the company is still owned by Italian government. Maybe it'll get better when someone buys that part. They often go on strike, so that can be a problem. My friend traveled with Business class and he didn't complained much as I did. It would be better if you hear some more opinions on this subject. Bye.
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