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Alaska trips via helicopter?

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Posted: 05/12/08 - 09:00    Post subject:

Hello, there. I am planning visiting Alaska next month. I hear people recommend Alaska cruising. They are all fascinated. I dont like boats and the open sea. Dont ask me why. Is there any other way to do sightseeing during the trip to Alaska? What about trips via helicopter? Can it be done?
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Joined: 21 Mar 2007
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Posted: 06/10/08 - 23:15    Post subject:

Howdy. Well, of course you can do sightseeing by a helicopter. I did it last year and I was thrilled. Our tour led us to Denali National Park. There were spacious valleys in snow and ice and the view was spectacular. We saw bears, moose and caribou. You must visit Polychrome Mountains. I think there is an option for gliding, but Im not sure. You can ask if youre a fan. I think youll have a great time. I know I have. Cheers!
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