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Alaska for 7 nights?

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Posted: 07/09/08 - 06:22    Post subject:

Hello, Im going on an expedition in Alaska with a group of people. We will be exploring Alaskas rough terrain and its wildlife. During daytime we will do the hiking and during the nights we will camp. We will probably spend about seven night camping in Alaskas wilderness so Im wondering if there is anything I should especially pay attention to while spending my nights there?
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Posted: 07/24/08 - 03:25    Post subject:

Hello, your expedition sounds really interesting though Im not sure that Im the sort of person who would like to find himself in Alaskas wilderness at night. I was born in Alaska and I have been here all of my life so I know just how many faces Alaska has. Alaskas weather, for one, can often prove to be very unpredictable so you better have water resistant footwear as well as tents. I would advise you to camp at least near the campsites because if you camp in the wild you can expect all sorts of unpleasant situations. Dont forget that there are lots of wild animals in Alaska and there were occasionally close encounters just around campsites. Especially during the night when the animals are most active. Also have in mind the bugs, especially the mosquitoes which can be really annoying when youre trying to sleep. Seven nights of camping in Alaska will be more than enough for you to wish you never came.
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