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Airports with free internet use?

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Joined: 16 Dec 2007
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Posted: 02/06/08 - 06:50    Post subject:

I have to admit that I am beginning to enjoy flying and everything connected to it very much. I have started traveling a lot with a new position in the office. No more desk hours, but traveling and meetings all the time. So, layover hours became very important to me. I usually spend that time in the downtown, strolling and sightseeing. But now, I try to use airports with free internet use. I simply kill the extra hours playing online games. What do you think about that combination, fun and work at the almost same time?
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Joined: 09 Oct 2006
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Posted: 02/19/08 - 01:53    Post subject:

It is a good thing that you have found something really interesting to do while waiting for the next flight. I also think that free internet is something every major airport must provide. All airports do have access to internet, but prices are sometimes ridiculously high. It turns out to be better to find some internet caf in the town you are waiting and surf, play, whatever you do on the net. I personally like to visit chat rooms, I even met my girlfriend like that.
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