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Air Companies to fly from Thailand to Cambodja and Myanmar?

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Posted: 08/19/08 - 07:38    Post subject:

I'm going to backpack to Cambodia this July, so I need some information before I go. Which air companies fly to Thailand for example, and from Thailand. I found one great site for booking flights for almost all air companies all over the world, but I dont know which company will take me to Cambodia. If you know how to find this info, post it please!
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Posted: 08/25/08 - 01:50    Post subject:

Following air line companies are flying to and from Cambodia and Myanmar: President Airlines, Royal Khmer Airlines Limited, Royal Phnom Penh Airways, Siem Reap Airways and Bangkok Airways. These are flying to Myanmar: Air Bagan Limited, Air Mandalay Limited, Air Mandalay, Myanmar Airways International Company Limited and Yangon Airways Limited. Those are flying to Thailand: Nok Air, Orient Thai Airlines, Phuket Airlines, Hua Hin Air Shuttle, and Thai Sky Airlines!
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