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Air Asia question

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Posted: 07/21/08 - 04:24    Post subject:

Hi! I have few questions about Air Asia. How does Air Asia maintain a low cost operation in the context of a functional organization structure? I love to travel with them but I have some fear that all that low cost mean that there is greater chance of crashing then with some other, more expensive airliner. Do you have any idea how that works?
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Posted: 07/31/08 - 00:53    Post subject:

Easy basically its all in economics. The low price tend to pay for itself for the fact of so many customers it just takes longer to build up to a large organization such as Mc Donalds, they been around about 100 years and just imagine how many burgers they sell a second being so large. Now for the high levels of employees they more likely are getting paid low at same time the rate of people getting hired on as to quitting is equal balanced basically a high turn around rate it's called in business management.
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