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Posted: 07/02/07 - 04:00    Post subject:

I need some Agadir info for I am supposed to reach Morocco tomorrow late afternoon I will be actually in Tangier –I am in Spain now and I am supposed to catch a ferry tomorrow, anyway I would be staying in Casablanca few days and I already visited Casablanca twice but this time I am going even further to the south and would be staying at Agadir and that is why I need some Agadir info! I am visiting Morocco as a tourist along with my wife and would like actually to see more than Casablanca and this time I decided going to Agadir and also some sites around it so I would appreciate any Agadir info. Thanks!
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Posted: 07/09/07 - 02:48    Post subject:

I would go with you!!! I was in Agadir once and I never forget this trip and though I basically never managed to get to know the city that much I would suggest anyone to visit it. I suppose you already know that Agadir is one of the largest sardines' manufacturers and if you ask me I never ate the better fish. Anyway what I remembered about Agadir are the long white sandy beaches and nowdays Agadir lies about 30 km of his previous spot-for he was destroyed by an earthquake 1960 year and now it is an modern town lying on the Atlantic coast and is always sunbathed and I just love those Agadir's wise boulevards. The hotels are still building for the tourist economy is in growth and haven't yet reach its peak but the place is marvelous and I bet you will be thrilled with those beautiful tamarind, eucalyptus and thyme trees that are growing along the coast. Anyway I suggest you go see some other places near Agadir – you may rent a car also and I sincerely you go see Tan-Tan it is not too far away from Agadir and go see Sidi Ifni for there is such beautiful beach called "Beach of the Archways" and the beach is practically empty with no people almost but it is so natural and worth of visiting. Also there are ferries frequently transporting passengers to Tenerife so you don't miss also visiting the Canaries from this point.
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