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Africa destinations – Reviews and experiences

Share reviews, experiences and opinions about African states, cities, resorts, politic situation, security, insurance, tourist attraction and historical monuments all over the Africa starting from Morocco, Tunis, Nigeria, over to Egypt, Libya, Sudan, down to Botswana, Lesotho, South Africa, Senegal, Sierra Leone, ...
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Anyone been to Senegal?  by benedetto1968 1 47 1 month ago
Is Gabon different from other African countries?  by mozes1017 1 25 1 month ago
Where to go for good shopping in Johannesburg?  by wang952 1 72 1 month ago
I really saw an elephant in Okavango  by mag 1 23 1 month ago
Eco-tourism in South Africa?  by jody1826 1 97 3 months ago
Holydays with kids at game camps in the Okavango  by gearard1957 1 36 3 months ago
Wearing Deodorant or Perfume in Africa  by corinna 1 52 3 months ago
Five nights in Marrakech  by shurlock72 1 27 3 months ago
Business trip to Nigeria, how safe?  by em808 3 54 4 months ago
Anyone else looking for a traveling partner for Kenya?  by jephthah1547 1 46 4 months ago
Is it allowed to visit Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda?  by maxine 2 43 4 months ago
Is it safe to go to Ethiopia with family now?  by durward1539 1 26 4 months ago
Is it recommendable to buy a food on market in Old Medina in Casablanca, Morocco  by stanley 1 45 4 months ago
First Trip To Africa - Kenya and Victoria Falls  by nathanial 4 1099 8 months ago
Vacation in Capetown  by dasha 4 557 over year ago
Namibia what to see?  by thaine1601 2 360 over year ago
What is the right time for family safari in Kruger National Park, South Africa?  by vergil1152 3 378 over year ago
What would Ghana be like as a holiday destination?  by Born To Die 0 407 over year ago
Egypt Travel Tips  by conrade914 2 331 over year ago
How wild is Madagascar ?  by emiline 2 224 over year ago
Horse riding in Tswalu Kalahari Reserve?  by tabb541 3 299 over year ago
Blouberg is very popular for kite surfers  by billie 3 234 over year ago
Can I change money on the airport in Niamey?  by weylin659 3 261 over year ago
What diseases I should avoid while in Chobe National Park, Botswana?  by latashia 3 253 over year ago
What's weather like in Morocco in March?  by tedman 2 285 over year ago
Tourists in Senegal?  by hunfredo1036 2 338 over year ago
where can you see whales in South Africa?  by hermione 2 317 over year ago
Is there a zoo in Bamako?  by tobias904 3 349 over year ago
Is there a permit to travel in Sudan?  by luciano 2 271 over year ago
Is fishing aloud in Nouakchott?  by sarge269 2 209 over year ago
Can I buy leather handcrafts in Agadez?  by emmit729 2 206 over year ago
Is there a way to prevent amoebic dysentery while in Maradi?  by chase1222 2 416 over year ago
How much for entrance for pool in Zinder?  by arley 2 274 over year ago
Have you tried luwombo in Uganda, is it good?  by bernie 2 213 over year ago
Is it safe to eat street food in Tichit?  by bron1026 2 228 over year ago
Would you consider going to Tuareg festival in Agadez?  by cortie1335 2 199 over year ago
Is traditional jewelry expensive in Maradi?  by edmund 2 189 over year ago
Would you go to Artisan center in Zinder?  by nealon1963 2 236 over year ago
Be a friend of Chewbacca in silver-smith Moumouni in Zinder?  by antonio 2 189 over year ago
My vacation-rafting on Orange River near Cape Town  by tod 2 226 over year ago
Any surfing competition in Cape Town in summer?  by clem592 2 212 over year ago
Heath issues in Omo River area, Ethiopia  by richard 2 205 over year ago
Rare butterflies in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda  by rickert624 2 248 over year ago
Is Fundu Lagoon best place in Africa for diving?  by yuma 2 319 over year ago
Diving trips are so beautiful in Matamwe retreat  by gualterio 1 271 over year ago
Costs in Yemen and Morocco  by ermin1314 1 249 over year ago
Is Anse Source d'Argent ideal for snorkeling?  by zia 1 307 over year ago
Any beach tour around Anse Source d'Argent?  by maighdiln 1 205 over year ago
What else can you do in Cairo besides visiting the museums?  by michal180 1 218 over year ago
Treasurable Sight seeing in Egypt?  by crissie 1 186 over year ago
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