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Africa destinations – Reviews and experiences

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Apr 25, 2008

The best time to go to Hawaii

by InFlames20
Everybody wants to go to Hawaii and that’s just fine. But not everyone knows when is the best time to go to Hawaii, when is the best weather, when is the cheapest or when is the most/least crowded time to visit Hawaii. Don’t worry, I will tell you everything you need to know. But first, you have to decide why are you going to Hawaii? Do you want to spend less or more money, or you don’t care? Do you want to enjoy lying down on ...
Mar 24, 2008

The best time to make vacation in Cancun

by InFlames20
First, for all of you who are not familiar with Cancun, few words about that amazing city: Cancun is a place like no other. White sandy beaches. Clear turquoise waters. Small hotels and expansive resorts. Fine dining and festive entertainment. The wonders of nature and the marvels of the Mayan civilization. Add some of the world’s most exquisite snorkeling and diving, a full range of water sports and championship golf, and you have a locat ...
Feb 22, 2008

Some useful travel tips

by InFlames20
Where ever we travel there are several things that we always need and some of them we often forget. Maybe the first thing to do is to make a list (or copy mine) of things that you should have with you, and after packing write everything that’s packed down on paper (to make sure you aren’t forgetting something when you decide to come back). There are also few tips how to make your vacation pleasant and memorable. So this is the list ...


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