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Africa destinations – Reviews and experiences

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Jul 01, 2008

The most exclusive hotels and accommodation in Vancouver

by InFlames20
Westin Bayshore Vancouver   This hotel is located close to the entrance of Stanley Park and the Marina. The lobby of the hotel is very impressive and warm. The rooms are beautiful and there is a choice of swimming outside or inside as the hotel has two very nice swimming pools. You can also relax in their whirlpool and their steam room and sauna. The hotel is conveniently located within walking distance to Stanley Park and ...
Jul 01, 2008

Honeymoon trip in August

by InFlames20
If you are looking a perfect place for you honey moon, check out this suggestions below:   Bora Bora:  If you can afford it, it could be the closest you ever get to heaven on Earth.  2.  Kauai:  For a domestic, more affordable alternative to Bora Bora.   3.  Japan:  Chilling out in the middle of nowhere, soaking in hot springs and doing yoga all day.  4.  South ...
Jun 28, 2008

How to organize a trip before you travel?

by InFlames20
Careful travel preparation is essential. Some advance planning and a proper check on what you need before you depart may just save you unnecessary time and stress. For many of us summertime = vacation time. Some people will spend their days off at the local pool. Some may choose to sightsee in their own town. Many will leave behind the comforts of home for the open road. Regardless of the destination or mode of transportation, it i ...
Jun 25, 2008

Budapest versus Prague

by InFlames20
So, you have decided to travel but didn’t know where to go? Finally, you have come down with two options, Budapest and Prague. But there is still a dilemma, which way to go? What city to visit?   You will find out below what each city can offer you and which city suites your needs the best.   BUDAPEST Budapest is the capital city of Hungary. It’s the largest city in Hungary with 1.6 millions inhabit ...
Jun 12, 2008

Swala Safari Lodge in Northern Tanzania

by Marilyn
Swala camp is located in a remote corner of Tarangire National Park in Tanzania, at the edge of the Gurusi wetlands. The camp is famous for its stands of ancient baobab trees, large family herds of elephants, prolific bird life and dry season concentrations of wildlife. The section of the park where Swala is situated is exceptionally private with no othercamps around and it offers its visitors private game viewing, wilderness luxury, and a privil ...


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