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Afraid of terrorism during cruising

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Posted: 05/12/08 - 05:05    Post subject:

I am suppose to have a cruising trip this summer with my family my wife and 2 kids and I already booked a cruising vacation and everyone is so excited about it but lately I started developing some fears regarding some possible terrorist attack on board or something like that. So I would like to get some info regarding the security during those cruising and would like to hear am I right to be that afraid of terrorism during cruising.
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Posted: 05/22/08 - 03:00    Post subject:

Well I know this is an terrorism era alike and probably each one of us think about the possibility of some terrorist attack to happen-I personally travel a lot and I am afraid of terrorism whenever I fly I developed this fear through these last years especially but I never though some terrorist attack could happen during cruising and I have occasional cruising tours at least one per year and I always felt safe. And while on this point maybe it is better to have cruising on safe seas with safe and favorite cruise line for it is on these lines that some mere precautions are being realized while embarking.
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