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Advice on driving in Jamaica needed

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Posted: 6/6/08 4:21 AM
Joined: May 9, 2005

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Hello! My wife and I are going to spend our honeymoon in Jamaica. We are going there in August. Since the hurricane season is not yet over in August, we agreed to make sightseeing tours instead of practicing beach activities. Moreover, she is pregnant and this kind of holiday suits us more. I plan to rent a car but know nothing about Jamaica driving rules.
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Posted: 7/5/08 5:36 PM
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Hi! Well, it’s very nice of you to ask this because some people go to a foreign country and rent a car without getting informed about the driving rules of a particular country. As a result, many accidents happen. Every country has few some specific rules different from other countries’ and Jamaica is not an exception. There are some things you should learn before starting the car in Jamaica. Since your wife is pregnant, you should be even more careful. First of all, you have to drive slowly because there are domestic animals on the roads. You drive on the left and you need to be at least 21. Good luck!

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