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Advice on Safety in Latin America

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Posted: 12/15/07 - 07:44    Post subject:

I need a piece of advice about traveling to Latin America. Namely, I have always known that it’s not so safe and I really don’t want to miss seeing Buenos Aires or Rio de Janeiro only because of safety issues. I mean, it’s not a war there and I know that lots of people go there every year. But I surely want to take some measures of precaution. Do you have anything to suggest me?
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Posted: 01/18/08 - 02:02    Post subject:

Now this is a tricky question. It’s true that millions of people go to South America each year, but there is also the dark statistics which shows the number of people mugged and kidnapped while on this continent. My point is not to discourage you and tell you that you shouldn’t go there, but to be very careful where you’re going. When in Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro, stick to crowded public places and respectable neighborhoods. Don’t carry your documents around with you, unless you don’t have to and have only a certain amount of money and not everything you have on you in case somebody tries to mug you. That way, you’ll give him the money, but will not stay broke in a foreign country.
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HugeAirlines Forum Index -> Travel to South America -> South America destinations – Reviews and experiences

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