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Addis Abbaba

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Posted: 08/23/07 - 05:42    Post subject:

I will spent a week in Addis Abbaba next month and am curious to hear some interesting Addis Abbaba info especially regarding the city tours and maybe even visiting some interesting sites outside of Addis Abbaba. I have also heard there is a rich bird life there and I would really like experiencing such an bird watch event so am curious how am I suppose to organize this bird watching tour.
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Posted: 09/22/07 - 02:48    Post subject:

I suggest you use the Adika travel tour operator services, you will easily find them in Addis Abbaba –I was using their service and I know they organize city tours as well as bird watching tours so you may go to lake Awasa it is not that far from Addis Abbaba but wherever you go in Ethiopia you would enjoy such rich bird life-I think there are more than 800 bird species and 30 of them are endemic. Besides this you would be probably enjoying your stays at Addis Abbaba itself for it is practically like any other world’s metropolis there is more than 2 million inhabitants and the city architecture is very much interesting, the climate is very pleasant and people are very kind and don’t forget enjoying those exotic dishes but watch out where you eat for it is not like each restaurant follows the hygienic rules. Anyway I found Addis Abbaba a beautiful city and though I was willing to visit the rest of the country I was advised not to do that –though I reached the lake Awaka –for occasional ethnic tensions especially around the borders with Sudan.
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