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Accomodation in Tso-Moriri

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Posted: 08/26/08 - 04:14    Post subject:

I want to be surrounded with high mountain peaks. I want to become one with wildlife. I do not want to listen to the music, I want to listen a birdsong. One old man was telling me about this beautiful lake Tso-Moriri. If I decide to go there, where can I find accommodation?
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Posted: 09/05/08 - 00:57    Post subject:

Mountain Lake, Tso-Moriri, is one of the biggest lakes in Ladakh. It is a brilliant lake high in the valley of Rupshu with 6km peaks around the lake that make you feel like you are in a hole. It is a wildlife area. People of Changpas nomadic shepherds came in caravan trade in Ladakh long time ago. If you want to visit Tso-Moriri Lake for more than one day, you can stay near Korzok village in tented camps. This camp is characteristic for whole Nubra valley. You can enjoy in bird watching, because around lake lives many interesting species. The most popular species are bar headed goose, crested grebe, the Brahmini duck...You can also see red fox, and very rare specie of leopard- snow leopard. So, be aware of danger animals, especially if you are staying in camp. You can really enjoy in the beautiful lakeshores of Tso-Moriri
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