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Accomodation in Thistle Hotels?

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Posted: 05/28/08 - 08:00    Post subject:

I am planning to stay a couple of days in Thistle Hotels along with my family. This trip we are planning to take will happen in a month or so and I am looking for some information on accommodation in Thistle Hotels. There will be five of us, and the youngest is seven years old. What can you tell me?
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Posted: 06/07/08 - 22:37    Post subject:

I have been in one of the Thistle Hotels in London and it was great. I was with my husband and we haven't brought our children, but I think it would be just as great if they were with us. We made our reservations online prior to coming to London and our rooms were free and available as soon as we checked in. You should check them online because they have special offers all year round and you might find something that will be nice for whole family. They have hotels all over Britain, so if you are not planning to stay in London you have plenty more to choose from. I hope you and your family will enjoy your stay.
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