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Accomodation in Malahide

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Posted: 09/08/08 - 08:08    Post subject:

Im going on a business trip to Dublin next week. Ive been there once and it stunned me. But I decided to look for accommodation in the village of Malahide, only 15 miles away from Dublin. I passed through it during my last trip and its overwhelming scenery left me breathless. So, it wont be a problem to get to Dublin for business meetings from there and after that relax in snug atmosphere of Malahide. What kinds of accommodation does it offer?
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Posted: 10/02/08 - 00:23    Post subject:

I was there once and despite the fact that Im not a lover of rustic areas this one made quite an impression on me. It is sometimes referred to as Dublins suburb since its situated so close to the city itself. Unfortunately there is only one hotel there, and its not too big. My suggestion would be Grand Hotel near Malahide. Its a luxurious building with lots of amenities. It is expensive but its a reasonable price for what it has to offer. I believe that there is a possibility to find accommodation in the village at some of the country houses in order to fully absorb its rustic beauty, but Im not sure about that.
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