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Accomodation in Ko Samui

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Posted: 05/31/08 - 07:26    Post subject:

Im spending my summer vacation in Thailand on Ko Samui Island to be more precise. I want to go there because of its magnificent environment, waterfalls, the Statue of golden Buddha, numerous temples as well as various species of animals. I also like enjoying the exotic fruit taste. This island is also known as coconut isle. Whats accommodation there like?
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Posted: 06/04/08 - 21:03    Post subject:

There are so many hotels, villas and resorts in Ko Samui. Every beach has its accommodation. The prices range from 15 for a bungalow to 500 dollars per night for a luxury hotel apartment, depending on what you search for. You may get some fine arrangements for very little money due to a promotion period. There are also plenty of good restaurants there, again ranging from drop-in restaurants to those serving Thai food only, and those in which the mixture of cuisines can be found. I suggest you dont take a villa room, but a sort of an average hotel like Beach House Samui Hotel in which all rooms have sea view.
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