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Accomodation in Cosmos Hotel in Moscow?

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Joined: 30 Nov 2006
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Posted: 05/25/08 - 06:24    Post subject:

Hello, folks. I will travel to Moscow in two weeks time and Ive booked a room in Hotel Cosmos. Ive never read any review on this hotel, so I would like to ask those who have stayed there to write one. I ask you for a sincere opinion. Thank you in advance.
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Joined: 15 Dec 2004
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Posted: 06/10/08 - 23:27    Post subject:

Are you sure that you want an honest opinion? I mean considering the fact that you have already made a reservation. But, Ill be honest no matter what. I must ask you one question. Why, in Gods name, have you booked a room in a hotel like Cosmos? It was the worst hotel that I have ever been. I mean, the food was plentiful, but I couldnt satisfy my sense of taste. The rooms were barely cleaned every day. The hotel was 45 minutes away by metro from the Red Square. I have even heard that they can cancel a reservation with no reason. Imagine that! Nevertheless, I hope that they have improved a little bit meanwhile. Next time, do ask around before booking a hotel.
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