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Jun 21, 2008

Accommodation prices on Adriatic See (Croatia) in August

by Jen

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The Croatian Adriatic coast is one of the most indented in the world. Total coastline of its 1185 islands and islets is 4,058 km long in comparison to the mainland coast of 1777 km.

Croatia is a unique Mediterranean country that has always been a very popular tourist destination. In the last couple of years, tourist infrastructure has developed even more offering foreign as well as domestic tourists all sorts of accommodation and activities and unforgettable holidays.

Croatian coast is protected by the mountain range making the summers dry and protecting it from the mainland winds. The beaches in Croatia are amazing. There are many tiny coves with crystal clear water. Unspoiled pine forests surround many beaches that are often packed with naturists.

Croatia’s coastline makes the ideal location for activity holidays such as hiking, rock climbing, scuba diving and mountain biking.

Summer season starts in April and ends in September and this is of course the best time to visit the country. Accommodation prices are lowest in April but booking in advance would be a good idea since many places along the coast may still be closed. May and June offer a wide range of the outdoor activities for reasonable prices. During these two months, days are already long and sunny and the tourists have not yet arrived.

July and August is the peak season and the most expensive months. The most popular places get overcrowded and accommodation prices skyrocket. The prices
tend to be considerably lower outside the popular destinations, so you may want to consider some of the smaller but still adorable places close to the major destinations. September is an excellent month to visit Croatia since it’s not as hot as during the peak season but the sea temperatures are still quite high. This is when accommodation prices begin to drop.

Accommodation along Croatian coast ranges from modest to luxury with a wide choice of standard, location and facilities. Be aware that although most hotels have been privatized, not all got to be refurbished and some are still waiting for modernization. This is especially true for the island of Korcula.
Accommodation rates tend to be variable and depend on factors like the number of days the room will be occupied, the type of room, the location, additional facilities, the period of seasons and the exchange rates Euro - Sterling.
If you are planning to visit Dubrovnik or Hvar, it would be best to pre-book your accommodation, especially in the peak season when these places get packed with tourists. Although, you can always find accommodation in private houses, the question is how much it would cost and how high the quality would be. There are always locals around bus and train stations offering accommodation and if they don’t have the rooms that would suit your needs, they will ring a friend who does.

If you prefer playing on the safe side, it would be best to book in advance. The adventures types can choose the other way around.

Accommodation in Croatia includes:

HOTELS are pretty expensive. The prices range from 70 euros for a modest double-bedded room, with either breakfast or half-board included to over 180 euros for the luxury options with SAT TV, telephone, internet connection, mini bar, safe, air conditioning/heating, bathroom with bathtub and hairdryer, balcony, etc
In Croatia, you can find hotels suitable for children, pet friendly hotels, hotels for disabled people, all inclusive hotels as well as luxury hotels.

VACATION VILLAGES are actually tourist resorts. There are kids friendly resorts that offer all sorts of  discounts and programs for children. There are animation programs, mini club, children playgrounds and peebled beaches; luxury resorts, which are  4 and 5 stars hotels and cheap holiday villages that offer
quality budget accommodation.  Prices range from 17 to 105 euros for double bedded room per night, with either breakfast or half-board, depending further on the already mentioned factors.

PRIVATE APARTMENTS - A private apartment consists of a number of rooms that are independent from the rest of the house. A private house can have one or more private apartments within. There are apartments with swimming pools, apartments up to 300 m from the sea, and pet friendly apartments available. The prices are the same as for vacation villages.

HOLIDAY HOMES  include accommodation in private houses. Most of the private accommodation is very good and the prices range from 7 euros for preseason to 20 euros for top seasons. Most commonly you can get a double bedded room for 13-15 euros per night, no meals included.

CAMPING – Croatia offers a wide choice of campsites, camping grounds and so called auto camps. Name a destination and you will find a number of great camping offers. Most of the campsites along Croatian coast are located in really nice location - usually on the very sea-shore or very close to it. While some camps are quite small, being a part of somebody's large garden, with limited facilities such as basic 2 or 3 showers and toilets, basic cooking facilities, electricity and water for up to 20 persons, there are a lot of large campsites catering for hundreds of campers with much better facilities such as numerous showers and toilets, washing and cooking facilities, restaurants, pizzerias and cafes.



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