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Accommodation on Cocos Islands?

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Posted: 2/4/08 3:27 AM
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We are planning to try our luck with Cocos Islands in few weeks. I read about it in some magazine and they praised the islands. Being naturally curious, I have decided to see it for myself. My husband was allowed to say:”Yes, dear!” and now we are working out the details of our trip. Any suggestions regarding accommodation on Cocos Islands?
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Posted: 2/10/08 10:09 PM
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Well, you can really enjoy your stay on Cocos Islands. However, you won’t find any twenty-store hotels or large multinational hotel chains and resorts. This doesn’t mean that there is no decent accommodation. On the contrary. You can enjoy decent accommodation with more privacy and intimate atmosphere in Cocos Beach Motel, Cocos Village Bungalows, Cocos Castaway or The Lagoon. There are more places to stay but the above are my recommendations.
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