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Accommodation between Jaisalmer and Ranakpur

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Posted: 08/01/08 - 07:17    Post subject:

My husband and I are in India. We were in Jaisalmer, a place which is very near the Pakistan border with India. We had the impression of being in a desert which is partly true, because, as people here told us, this city is a part of a large desert. We took pictures of sandhills which look like small houses. We liked the town very much. Now we would like to go to Ranakpur. But since we are not sure whether we would like to stay in Ranakpur or return to Jaisalmer, we agreed to find accommodation between these two places. Can you help us?
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Posted: 08/07/08 - 00:51    Post subject:

I dont know if youd like to stay in Ranakpur since its a village, so you can find accommodation in Jodhpur a place between these two. Jodhpur is a city with many hotels. You probably know that Indian hotels rank among the best hotels in the world. You can find a wide range of accommodation places including luxury five-star hotels. I recommend you Hotel Abhays Days Inn. It has three stars. It has steam and Jacuzzi and many other facilities. Each room has a direct phone line, a mini bar, and an air conditioning. If you are not especially fond of regional cuisine, this hotel boasts various cuisines. I hope youd like it!
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