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Accident On Board

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Joined: 28 Jul 2006
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Posted: 06/11/08 - 07:03    Post subject:

I am interested in what is the rate of accident on board for I am planning on having some cruising trip this summer with my family and the thing is that I have 2 kids and I am afraid something unpredictable could happen to them something like some board accident or similar. So what do you suggest I should do about this issue? Thanks much!
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Joined: 20 Dec 2005
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Posted: 06/20/08 - 21:53    Post subject:

You should purchase travel insurance provided by the cruise line you are planning on having a cruise with and though the accident on board are happening occasionally the are not that much frequent and even if it happens I suppose those better ships are always provided with some professional medical stuff and if you purchase this travel insurance you would basically be covered if it comes to some accident on board.
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