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Academic Travel to Cuba

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Posted: 8/13/07 3:20 AM
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Dear Professor,
I red your article about Academic Travel to Cuba. It was really good to see there is someone who will stand for student rights in front of US Government.I is one of those students that enjoyed traveling to Cuba for incredible 3 weeks. I would like to know what made you decide to establish Emergency Coalition to Defend Academic Travel to Cuba. And also, if there are rules that America gave to Cuba trough embargo and there was no violation of them by students, why did US Government gave us restrictions to be enrolled to those educational courses?
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Posted: 9/24/07 6:35 PM
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That is a very good point. Academic Travel to Cuba was one of the most popular courses for students. With new regulations from Treasury Department we cant even organize those courses. New rules are saying that courses will last 10 weeks and that would take one semester. Most of our students want to finish on time so they dont want to enroll to the program anymore. Thats why I established Emergency Coalition. To help students all over the country to enjoy Cuba again and be free to enroll courses without rules and regulations.
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