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About Swiss Rail?

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Posted: 05/19/08 - 05:41    Post subject:

Hello to all. My girlfriend and I are decided to go on a trip through Switzerland. We have finished our high schools and we want to travel a little bit before our college start. We chose rail for our transportation through Switzerland. I am interesting in Swiss Rail. Is it quality and reliable? Thanks.
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Joined: 18 Dec 2005
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Posted: 06/17/08 - 22:15    Post subject:

Hello, friends. I travel a lot through Switzerland mostly because of my business. And for that occasion I use rail. I can tell you that Switzerland has one of the most reliable and top-quality rail systems in the world. It has to be good since there is extremely mountainous terrain. There all kinds of railways. From those simple ones that connect two villages to those state-of-art international railways. The best way to travel through Switzerland is with the Swiss Pass, since this covers tickets for all ways of transportation. Have a nice trip. Cheers.
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