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A train from train Moscow to Urumqi

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Joined: 11 Jul 2004
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Posted: 05/20/08 - 09:39    Post subject:

Can someone tell me what is connection Moscow Urumqi . I am trying to find out if there is direct train between this to places. I went to the Russian Railway site, but I had a hard time finding out that information. I have to go on that trip in 5 days, so I must have this information before that. I need urgent help please!
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Joined: 19 Mar 2007
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Posted: 06/03/08 - 00:01    Post subject:

Hello. I really dont know is there direct connection between those two places. But if you need any kind of information, I can provide you one about train that I traveled with. I traveled last year from Moscow to Urumqi by train. You must know that that kind of traveling is about 5 days long if everything is ok. You have to change 2 trains till there. Your first connection is Moscow Almaty (Kazakhstan). Other is Almaty - Urumqi. I must tell you that I dont have nice experience with that ,,tour. When the rout is that long, it is better to go with faster tip of transport (like airplanes).But there are different kind of people, so maybe youll disagree with me about this. I hope that you will find some use from my information about this topic.
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